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    Do you have the extensive knowledge and time necessary to manage your investment?

    Get your free advice straight from us. We are professional scientific researchers and have re-invented passive investment strategies and many other financial models. We would love to share our knowledge with you. Our advice is completely free. All models are run on a daily basis with real-time data exchange to ensure that all portfolios are up-to-date. The results will be sent to you for free via email.

    The Scientific Edge

    The above chart shows the risk-return profile of different assets. At the bottom left you will find lower risk assets (such as the bonds SXRP and SXRN) and at the top right higher risk assets (e.g. stocks EXS2 and SXR8). Each of the assets themselves might be high performing but none of the assets have a risk-return profile that matches the investment goal of the investor (no visible asset in the middle section). The small bubbles in the middle of the chart show an optimized combination of portfolios with different risk-return profiles made from the original assets (made by a combination of assets and not existing in this form). The larger bubbles show the selected portfolio solution for a specific risk level. The scientific edge is that an improved risk-return profile actually results from the optimal combination of uncorrelated original assets. This might sound trivial but is hard to achieve - read more about how we came about this scientific advantage in our investment approach.

    Preview the steps to build your passive investment portfolio

    We need to learn about you - it starts with questions

    We have developed a couple of questionnaire in order to work out your desired risk level. But don’t worry, we have kept it short. It only takes a minute to answer our risk profile questions.

    Based on your risk profile, we optimize an individually tailored portfolio to suit your needs. The portfolio is based on our proprietary optimization algorithms. Lower risk portfolios are optimized with "Constrained Nonlinear Optimization Algorithms" while higher risk portfolios are optimized with a "Genetic Optimization Algorithm". Read more about our wealth management approach and find out how we build portfolios in further detail.

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    Get a Scientific Portfolio from an Independent Financial Adviser

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    Financial advice1

    Once you have answered the last question, we’ll start to optimize an individual portfolio for you with the help of our high-end Tesla k40 GPU Supercomputer. The universe of ETF's, selected by means of scientific research and filter process, are then scanned to create your portfolio.

    We have solved one of the biggest issues and re-invented passive investment for you with our multi-resolution and multi-temporal optimization approach. This approach selects data from different time and risk levels and is able to judge time, profit and risk at these different levels. This enables us to understand historic risk and performance and therefore construct a much profitable portfolio for you than any conventional approach. Some of the features we provide:

    • You can create your portfolio and receive updates completely free of charge. This provides a cost advantage for your portfolio.
    • We use our supercomputer, proprietary optimization and passive investment algorithm to build the best portfolio for you.
    • We search through a huge array of ETF's for you to offer a real superior solution. Different risk levels will contain different ETF.

    Unlike other approaches, where always used are only a handful of stocks or ETFs for the optimization and creation of portfolios; Ways2Wealth scans up to 500 stocks / ETF's to determine the best combination.

    Get updates over email & start trading with our free financial advice

    Free Webinar on how to develop a diversified ETF Portfolio

    Learn about the scientific ETF wealth management concept

    Once you have answered the risk evaluation questions and adjusted your portfolio we will send you precise trading instructions which you can trade with your local brokerage company or bank. This is forever for free without any obligations. 

    If you do not know where or how to trade our recommendation we can recommend how to trade stocks to you which is able to provide you some basic service on how to trade the portfolio. 

    Radically reduced investing costs.Year after year after year.

    Here is an example of how much you can save over the years with a zero cost approach. It is also possible to change the figures, allowing you to adjust in accordance with your current wealth management approach.

    Investment Amount
    Assumed portfolio return
    % per year
    Wealth management fee
    0 % per year
    Other Banking
    Fees and commissions
    % per year
    Hidden costs
    % per year
    Additional return in 20 years

    See the experts behind Ways2Wealth

    Linkedin expert1
    Dr. Mirko C. Ulbrich System Developer and Scientist
    • Expert on financial modeling and risk analysis at SAMT.AG
    • Registered commodity trading advisor and hedge fund office manager
    • Holds Ph.D. in Economics
    Dr. Hasnat Kurshid Philanthrop and Scientist
    • Expert in the development of financial models and risk analysis
    • Developers of numerous mathematical models
    • Specialist in artificial intelligence
    • Ph.D. in Engineering and Mathematics

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    about Ways2Wealth...

    We have been consulting wealthy customers and institutions all over the world since 2011.


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    We are scientists with a research focus on financial modeling, risk analysis and artificial intelligence. We have worked in the financial industry for many years and have developed our own proprietary models which we have also been used by banks, hedge funds and military special units. With this site we aim to help normal people make smarter financial decisions.

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